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“Reiki helps me to relax. If I feel down, I ask for distant healing to be sent to me. It is a real tonic”
Lorraine, Kent


Energy Healing Reiki


Reiki is a complementary therapy to help with your physical ailments, or to help you emotionally. It is suitable for anyone, including animals. Reiki can be used in conjunction with other complementary or conventional medical treatments.


Reiki means universal energy. It is a form of spiritual energy.
Reiki balances mind, body & spirit.

What is the history of Reiki?

Traditional Usui Reiki originates from Japan. It is a form of spiritual healing.

What benefits does Reiki have?

Reiki Benefits

What happens at a Reiki treatment?

During a Reiki treatment, you remain fully clothed and lie down on a massage couch, but you can also be seated, if you prefer. The Reiki Practitioner will then place his / her hands on or over the recipient on seven classic positions.

Benefit from a specialist therapist who is Reiki Master / teacher qualified since 2000 and who is a member of the International Institute of Holistic Health Therapies.

Reiki full treatment – 1 hour - £25
Reiki short treatment – 30 mins - £ 15

What do I experience during a Reiki treatment?

You may experience any one of the following symptoms :

• Deep relaxation
• Warmth
• Floating sensations
• Tingling
• A general sense of peace & calm
• Seeing different colours
• May shed emotional tears
• Feel revitalised

The experiences vary between individuals and also from session to session. Sometimes the benefit of a Reiki treatment is obvious and other times it needs time and patience for the benefits to come through.

Reiki treatments are also available for healing animals who love this energy to help them to restore to their optimum health.

For further information CONTACT US or to book a treatment click Here
On site treatments available for you.

If you are an organisation looking for stress management benefits for your employees then on site treatments are available. Please CONTACT US for further details and SPECIAL RATES for block bookings

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