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Ask and Receive
With Mala Mandalia

"You are here for a reason as there is no such thing as a coincidence that you are reading this right now"

Mala Mandalia

Mala is based in beautiful Cornwall working from magical, leyline empowered healing premises.

From a young age Mala was naturally intuitive. Using her intuition and her passion to help people she acts as a catalyst to help you to lead the life you were born to do. Too often life's circumstances can trouble you and that is when you need a helping hand and that is where Mala comes in.

Mala herself has been through a transformational process in her life and this has given her strength to help others and also compassion and sensitivity to fully understand what you may be going through.

Mala is positive and caring and she is held in high regard by many people who have come to know her through her work. To her clients she offers an understanding, compassionate, safe and relaxing environment for them to flourish. See her clients testimonials.

Mala has written articles for national childrens magazine -

Mala comes with a wonderful unique blend of practicality and a channel of healing and inspiration. Come and experience for yourself your own powerful transformation. But remember - change only happens when you are ready to take the first step.

Are YOU ready?


Honours degree in law (LLB)
Collaborative lawyer
Trained mediator
Mentor / life Coach
Reiki Master
Diploma in Indian Head Massage
Diploma in Reflexology
Advanced Reflexology - Vertical Reflex Therapy
Certified Course leader
Certified facilitator for meditation and relaxation techniques


"Hi and a warm welcome to you,

It is by no surprise that you are visiting this website. You are drawn to the help that is available for you here. Question is whether you are ready to take the first step and contact me to start your transformational journey.

I have extensive experience in helping you with whatever troubles you.

You are an amazing, unique person and sometimes through life's ups and downs, you may forget this. I act as a catalyst to inspire and lift your spirits so that you can recognise how wonderful you are.

This help comes in many forms through the deeply relaxing treatments to pamper and relieve aches and pains, or the chance to relax your busy mind, or for you to learn practical techniques in fun, entertaining courses. All this can help you become a happier, healthier and wiser person.

I create a space where people can learn how incredibly wonderful they are. I help people take charge of their lives. I help them on their path to discover their own power and inner wisdom and strengths.

I have helped many people transform their lives and I would urge you to look at their testimonials to see for yourself. If you feel drawn to approach me then please do so. All you have to do is ASK for this and then be willing to RECEIVE it.

I hope that you will travel all the pages of this site, explore its content and trust that you have been guided to me to help you with any difficulties you may be facing and let us start on your transformation today.

If you need any further information then please contact me

I look forward to meeting with you and sharing your life's journey together.

With all my best wishes and love, Mala"

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